Public Agenda
TYPE: Organizational Meeting
DATE: 12/12/2023 TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: James Areida Education Support Center
DETAILS: Closed Session 6:00 p.m.
Call to Order
Closed Session 6:00 p.m. / Organizational Meeting 7:00 p.m. Info
Public Comment on Closed Session Items
The public may comment on Closed Session agenda items prior to the Board adjourning to Closed Session. Info
Adjourn to Closed Session
Closed Session
Conference with Labor Negotiators (Dr. Dosty) Dr. Dosty, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel, will discuss, on an as-necessary basis, negotiations with Employee Group Representatives (Gov. Code 54954.5(f); 3549.1). Info/Action
Personnel Matters: Public Employee Appointment-Employment 1) High School Assistant Principal, 2) Interim Elementary Principal, 3) Interim Elementary Vice Principal; Public Employee Performance Evaluation; Superintendent Evaluation; and Public Employee Discipline-Dismissal-Release (Gov. Code 54957) (Dr. Dosty) Info/Action
Placement of Non-Public School Students (New) (Mr. Warren) Info/Action
Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation(Gov't Code 54956.9) (Mr. Kahn) Significant Exposure to litigation: Claim #631121 Info/Action
Reconvene Public Meeting
Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance
Roll will be called and the President will lead in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Info
Report on Actions from Closed Session
The Board President will report on action taken in Closed Session. Info
Presentation of the California School Employees Association (CSEA), Lodi, Chapter #77 "Boss of the Year" Award Info
Joe Nava will be recognized for his year of service to the Lodi Unified School District Board of Education as the 2023 President Info
Board Organization - Election of Officers
Election of Officers will be by a Verbal Roll Call Vote of the Board: Info
2024 President of the Board Info
2024 Vice-President of the Board Info
2024 Clerk of the Board Info
There will be a brief recess to allow newly elected officers of the Board to take their seats. Info
Board Organization - Calendar of Meetings
Adoption of the 2024 Calendar of Board of Education Meeting Dates Info/Action
Board Organization - Board Committee Appointments
Board Audit Review Committee (three appointees) Info
City of Lodi 2x2 Committee (two appointees) Info
City of Stockton 2x2 Committee (two appointees) Info
San Joaquin County 2x2 Committee (two appointees) Info
City of Stockton Parks & Recreation Commission (one appointee) Info
Joe Serna, Jr. Charter Advisory Committee (two appointees) Info
Legislative Advocacy Committee (two appointees) Info
San Joaquin County School Boards Association (one appointee) Info
Facility Master Plan Committee (three appointees) Info
Board Safety Committee Info
Board Organization - CSBA Delegate Assembly
Nomination(s) to the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Delegate Assembly Info
Comments from Student Representatives
Student Representatives to present reports. Info
Superintendent and Staff Member Reports
Superintendent's Report Info
Comments from the Public
A 20-minute time period has been set aside for the public to address the Board on items NOT listed on the agenda. Each public speaker shall limit his/her comments to three (3) minutes, but is welcome to distribute any materials to Board and/or staff. The Board cannot engage in dialogue about public comments because of restrictions placed by the California Brown Act. Info
Consent Agenda A - Routine Business Action
(Item A-1) Warrant Report (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-2) Contracts List (Mr. Kahn) As per Board Policy 3312, to be valid or to constitute an enforceable obligation against the district, contracts must be approved and/or ratified by the Board. Action
(Item A-3) Changes to the Adopted Budget (Mr. Kahn) Staff is recommending approval of the changes to the adopted budget. Action
(Item A-4) Approval of Certificated and Classified Personnel Matters (Dr. Dosty) Action
(Item A-5) Resolution 2023-104 Award Of Contract And Authorization To Begin Work For The Turner Senior Academy Project No. 0829-8429 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-6) Resolution 2023-113 Authorization to Advertise and Solicit Bids for Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-7) Resolution 2023-114 Award of Contract and Authorization to Begin Work for the Woodbridge Elementary School Re-Roofing Project No. 3213-4416-4 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-8) Resolution 2023-115 Award of Contract and Authorization to Begin Work for the Tokay High School Re-Roofing- Project No. 3213-4416-5 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-9) Resolution 2023-116 - Authorization to Join Education Technology Joint Powers Authority (EdTech JPA) (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-10) Resolution 2023-117 Authorizing Filing of the Notice of Completion for the John Muir Elementary School Re-Roofing - Project No. 8150-5830-1 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-11) Resolution 2023-118 Award of Contract and Authorization to Begin Work for the Vinewood Elementary Modernization Phase II (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-12) Resolution 2023-119 Award of Contract and Authorization to Begin Work for the Victor Elementary Portable Buildings and Shelter Project (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-13) Resolution 2023-120 Authorization to Advertise and Solicit Bids for the Reese Elementary School Fencing Replacement, Project No. 0825-8425-1 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-14) Resolution 2023-121 Authorization to Advertise and Solicit Bids for the Delta Sierra Middle School Paving Replacement Project No.8150-5830-7 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-15) Resolution 2023-122 Award of Contract and Authorization to Begin Work for the Lakewood Elementary Modernization Phase II (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-16) Resolution 2023-123 Finding that Board Member Courtney Porter was Absent from the Regular Board Meeting of November 21, 2023 Due to Illness (Mr. Young) Action
(Item A-17) Re-Roofing at John Muir Elementary School Project 8150-5830-1 Deductive Change Order 1 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-18) Annual Renewal of Services: Super Co-Op, A California USDS Foods Cooperative for School Year 2024-2025 (Mr. Kahn) Action
(Item A-19) Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 21, 2023 (Mr. Young) Action
Individual Action on Items Pulled from Consent Agenda A
Other Action Items
(Item OAI-1) First Interim (Mr. Kahn) Report certifies that the District will be able to meet the financial obligations for the current fiscal year and two subsequent fiscal years. Info/Action
Comments from Employee Group Representatives Info
Comments from Board Members Info
Comments from the Superintendent Info
Board Advisory Committee Reports
Board Members will report on discussions from various Board Advisory/Subcommittee meetings. Info
Americans with Disabilities Act
Any individual requiring disability-related accommodations or modification, including auxiliary aids and services in order to participate in the meeting, should contact the following person at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of a regular meeting to make arrangements for such reasonable accommodations: Michelle Armstrong, Executive Assistant to the Board of Education, Superintendent's Office at 209-331-7004 or Info
Posted by 5:00 p.m., December 7, 2023, on the District's website at (Board of Education: Electronic School Board), and at the James Areida Education Support Center, 1305 East Vine Street, Lodi, CA 95240. Info