Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 11/7/2023 - 7:00 PM
Category: Consent Agenda A - Routine Business
Type: Action
Subject: (Item A-13) Authorization to Use Sole Source Provider – Amplify Education (Mr. Kahn)
Enclosure Amplify Education - mCLASS, DIEBELS and IDEL - Sole Source
File Attachment:
Sole Source Letter - Amplify, mCLASS system, DIEBELS and IDEL.ADA.pdf
Summary: Public Contract Code 3400 allows the awarding authority or its designee to make a finding that a particular service is designated by a specific brand or trade name in order to obtain a necessary item that is only available from one source. The attached statement from the vendor, Amplify Education, affirms that there is no competitor in its space and provides the understanding that seeking competing proposals for the mCLASS, DIEBELS, and IDEL software products is not possible. Amplify Education provides annual support, maintenance and enhancement to the mCLASS, DIEBELS, and IDEL web platforms. An agreement will be forthcoming on a future Contracts List for Board consideration.
Funding: There is no funding associated with this adoption.
Recommendation: Staff recommends the adoption of the Amplify Education - mCLASS, DIEBELS and IDEL - Sole Source documentation for use by Lodi Unified School District.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Leonard Kahn - Chief Business Officer
Signed By:
Neil Young - Superintendent